Which Taming of the Shrew Character are You Based on Your Horoscope?

By Tommy Switzgable

Humans have been making connections between different schools of thought for centuries, generally with the hope of creating and finding some sort of meaning behind life. Many civilizations have made a connection between astronomy and astrology, resulting in the zodiac signs. Since as early as the 18th century, we have been using the zodiac signs to define our own personalities, whether it be through explicit definition or through another medium. Naturally, one of these mediums has been through literature. Find your sign below and see what character from Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew you align with!

SCORPIO  –  Katherine

Much like the phonics within the name, a scorpio’s personality has a certain sting to it. This sting can be conveyed through Katherine’s personality, through her sharp tongue and quick wit, yet at the end of the day, still has a certain shelled soft spot.

TAURUS Petruchio

A taurus is one of the more relaxed signs in the zodiac. Throughout the play, Petruchio seems to be very relaxed in his pursuit of Katherine; knowing that she is sharp-tongued and difficult in manner, he never ceases to believe that he has everything under control to win her heart.

LIBRA Bianca

The personality of a libra relies essentially and exclusively on balance in one’s life. Bianca’s sweet and soft characteristics show an equilibrium in her personality, This balance is disrupted by the fact that she can’t be married unless her sister (Kate) gets married first.

LEO Baptista

A leo wants their presence to be known in the most bold and brash ways possible, in the same way royalty is romanticized. This characteristic aligns with the aristocratic Baptista, as not only does he act like royalty, but his theatrical and slight vanity prove that he is none other than a leo.


Capricorns are some of the most diverse personalities of all the signs. Their ability to reason both emotionally and materialistically gives them a unique grasp on the world. Lucentio has the ability to reason in both of these schools of thoughts through his studies in Padua and his ability to win Bianca’s hand.


A pisces has a constant division in their personality, but this division enables them to absorb all lessons that are being taught around them. Being a servant to a man like Lucentio causes Tranio to learn many skills, skills that prove to be useful when helping his master’s charade.

GEMINI Gremio and Hortensio

This one may be a bit more difficult to conceptualize; a gemini has so many different facets to their personality that they might as well be two different people. This beautifully represents the storyline of Gremio and Hortensio. They are very different people to the point of being rivals, but eventually bond and team up together over Bianca’s rejection.


An aries is known for being a productive individual, one that is not afraid of any task, regardless of how daunting it may be. Despite Grumio’s role as being the comic relief in the play, he shows serious loyalty to his master (Petruchio) by handling any task given to him with no question.


Shrew photo for Blog

Lauren Pisano and Dean Linnard as Kate and Petruchio

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