The Moment Before

Smiling uncontrollably. Sweaty palms. Pupils dilated. Vocal explosions. Dizziness. Over analyzing. Unexpected laughter. Nausea. Limerence. Mood swings. Slight irrational behavior. Adrenaline. Lack of concentration. A hurting heart. OxyContin. Mirroring. Staring. Singing. Daydreaming. Head tilts of a different meaning. A fingertip caress. Rapid-eye blinking. Butterflies. Jeffrey Gaines’ “In Your Eyes”. Rihanna’s “Hate That I Love You”. Savage Garden’s “I Knew I Loved You”. Chris Brown’s “With You”. The “Spring Awakening” soundtrack. Soulja Boy Tell Em’s “Kiss Me Thru the Phone”. Any Usher song. Nickelback’s “Far Away”. “I don’t want to miss a thing cause with every breath you take I’m falling slowly.”

Now, her. That look. That godly smell. The taste of strawberries. She feels like a light warm silky pillow. What about her hair? God, I love how she does her hair. Is that a headband in her hair or a little crown? I don’t know, but it looks great. How fast can I kiss her without…forget the “without”…how fast can I kiss her! I’ll let her speak, though. Her voice is that of an angel calling me…making my temperature rise…lifting me off the ground. That is a silly wall. What a silly wall. Does this wall think it’s going to stop me? Get out of the way, wall. I shall climb over you. Just know that at the top, with one leg over, my junk is literally on top of you…so who’s the boss now? Faintly, I can hear my friends in the distance. Whatever. They don’t understand this overwhelming feeling. When I see her in my head, all I can see is her eyes. Her eyes looking at me. Her eyes looking at anything. Her eyes on the face of our child. I went there. But I can’t not go there. That smile. She could cure a thousand diseases with a smile like that. It makes me smile. It makes her cheeks push out and blush and her nose pinches up and her eyes close and her mouth opens. Her mouth! I thought this. I can’t believe I thought this. But every time she spoke, I wondered how I could fit in the space between her tongue and her top teeth. Every time her mouth opened and closed, it was as if I was being shown a room. A temple. I could live there forever. Easy. And what she spoke! It would have made no difference if she spoke nonsense, but she didn’t. She’s smart. So smart. So freaking smart. I bet she can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute. God, I suck at those. All I do know, is that I have to find her and see her again. Somehow make her mine. So that every day is her day, every waking moment is a dream, and every beat…is her heartbeat. I’m in love.

All these thoughts and songs and words and feelings in the moment before. In the acting world, the “moment before” is an essential part of the preparation process. It involves figuring out what happened right before you came onstage. What emotions, thoughts, events, conditions do you have seconds before you walk on. It can spring board you into a scene allowing you to continue what you were doing or thinking previously rather than starting something new…which does not exist in the real world. No one starts out their life by appearing in the thin air, opening a door that is now in front of you and confidently saying the phrase, “Honey! I’m home.”. No. “Honey! I’m home.”, is a line influenced by how your day at work went, how was the drive home, did you receive any news from the car to the door, how is your marriage going…etc…

I say all this because preparing Romeo’s “moments before” have been weird and delightful to work on. It’s not often do you PREPARE to fall in love as hard as these two do. I mean to the death. And so quick. WITH SO MUCH PASSION. It’s almost magical. It ‘s fate. His “moments before” light me on fire. Seriously. Stop what you were going to do. Stop reading this “blog”. Immediately, go online and type in “the balcony scene”. If you’re with someone in the room, great. If you’re alone, that’s great too. But before you click that blue link spiraling you to one of the most famous love scenes of all time, and before you read it, think of your Juliet or your Romeo. See them. Imagine them. Think of the thoughts and songs and words and feelings in the moment before this scene. Before the scene with the love of your life.

Go there. Every human being should go there.

Posted by Nick Piacente, Romeo / Education Coordinator and Company Member